Learn How to Win at Video Poker

Here we give you tips and tricks on how to win at Video Poker

Anyone can learn how to play video poker properly, but learing how to win at video poker is another story altogether. With the correct strategies you can gain a real edge over the casino, even on some lowly nickel machines. If this is not your casino game of choice, it should be!

video-poker-screenshotBy seeking out the good games and following some relatively simple playing rules, you can practically eliminate the house edge. If you want a guaranteed win, then you have to own a casino. But if you want to achieve an advantage over the casino (and have fun doing it) then online video poker is the game you should play.

Statistics show an average payback of about two percent less than what it would be if everyone knew how to play perfectly. This is one of the reasons why online casinos are able to offer some games with over 100% payback potential making it possible for sharp players to gain an edge over the casino. As a general rule online slots and games offer a 97% pay-out rate.

Another big advantage of video poker is that the maximum payback can be determined from the payoff schedule posted on every machine. Unlike slots, here the payoff schedule tells you the exact payout percentage, thus enabling you to identify the most attractive games.

The purpose of this web site is to help you with free expert strategies and everything else that helps to play proficiently and become a tough casino customer.

When deciding on the game you wish to play, bear in mind that the majority of Casinos offer video poker, blackjack, roulette and of course your ever popular slots. Having said that, there are very few that offer online bingo, yet your Bingo sites do however offer Casino games which means you can get the best of both world in one stop.

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