Why play Video Poker

Choose to Play Video Poker over Slot Machines and win more…

Why play video poker? This article delves into why it’s better to play video poker over ordinary slot machines. Especially for those players whose gambling has been limited mostly to nickel or quarter slots. By seeking out the good video poker games and following just a few simple playing rules, you can cut the house edge to one half of one percent or less, which is far superior to the returns you can expect on slot machines.

And this brings us to the most unique characteristic of the game: If you play video poker you can gain a real edge over the casino on every play, even on some nickel machines. It is the only casino game where this is possible.

If you are looking for a quick get-rich scheme, then look elsewhere. If you want a guaranteed win, then buy a casino. But if you want to learn how to play video poker and achieve a small but real advantage over the casino (and have fun doing it) then this is for you.

For nearly three decades, casino visitors have been fascinated by video poker. So why do some slot players switch to video poker and stay with it, while others try video poker and then go back to the no-brainer reel slots. Many slots players might play video poker once because they have heard that the payback is higher than on reel slots (which is generally true), but they can’t be bothered to learn a few simple rules and they move back to the one armed bandits.

Why do they give up so quickly? Are the games too difficult? When they play video poker are they losing even more than they did on the reel slots? Is it the five coin requirement to qualify for full payoff on the royal flush jackpot? Or is it just that they have a very small budget for gambling and there too few good nickel video poker machines available?

The more intelligent players probably like the challenge of making decisions instead of just pulling a handle. They will make the effort to learn video poker strategies and are able to play video poker successfully. Without having learned proper rules, players’ “intuitive” decisions will yield about 1% to 5% less than a game’s maximum payback. Statewide statistics from Nevada casinos show an average payback on video poker of about 2% less than what it would be if everyone played perfectly.

This is why the casinos are able to offer some games with over 100% payback potential, thus making it possible for us to gain a small but real edge on some games. Even in a casino that doesn’t have 100%-plus games, video poker generally offers a higher return than any other low stakes game, and a good slot club or promotion may boost your total expected return to over 100%.

The big advantage of video poker over the “no brainer” reel slots is that the maximum payback can be determined from the payoff schedule on the front of every machine. No, you don’t have to do any math. In just a few minutes you can learn how to read a machine’s payoff schedule to select an attractive game. Then, only a few hours practice with an easy strategy can make you an expert. Together, these skills will give you a real edge when you play video poker.

Accurate strategies are computer-generated and proven by professional players, yet they are simple enough for a novice to use. By following just a few clear rules, you can become a favorite to be a winner in the long run and have fun at the same time. But already I hear you say, “I don’t want to be bothered with rules. I’m on vacation, and I just want to have some fun.” Maybe, but isn’t it more fun if your limited bankroll lasts longer, and even better when you’re winning?

If you’re going to play video poker, here is your first rule: Start by playing the most common video poker game, Jacks or Better. Look for a machine that pays 45 for a full house with a five coin bet. This game is rated at 99.56% return with perfect play.

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