Double Bonus Video Poker

Learning to Master Double Bonus Video Poker

The perfect Double Bonus video poker Payoff Table:


Payoff for 5-coin play

Royal flush 4000
Straight flush 250
Four Aces 800
Four 2s, 3s or 4s 400
Four 5s to Kings 250
Full House 50
Flush 35
Straight 25
Three of a kind 15
Two pair 5
Jacks or better 5

This payoff table returns 100.17% with computer-perfect play. “Full-pay” Double Bonus games with payouts like this are not the norm. On most Double Bonus machines you will encounter the payouts for Full House and Flush have been cut to 45 and 30 respectively, which reduces the overall return percentage to 97.8. A difference of nearly 2 1/2%!

Double Bonus video poker is an enticing, but very volatile game because much of the payback is concentrated in the four-of-a-kind mini jackpots. Also, two pair hands only return your bet, instead of paying 10 coins as in Jacks or Better. The reduced payout for two pair is compensated for by the bonuses on the four-of-a-kinds, but the short-term results can be devastating if the four-of-a-kinds don’t appear as often as they should, statistically.

Learning perfect playing strategy for Double Bonus video poker is a demanding but worthwhile task. The high payout for four-of-a-kind hands makes this a very attractive and challenging game.

Double Bonus strategy says keep dealt two pair hands, even if it’s two Aces and two low cards. Do not hold only the two Aces, the 50-for-5 payoff makes going for a Full House the better play. But if you’re dealt a Full House consisting of three Aces and any other pair, what do you hold?

Once in about 23 1/2 draws you will be dealt a fourth Ace, for an 800-coin payoff, but you are giving up 22 1/2 times 35 coins = 7871/2 coins. Double bonus video poker strategy rules say hold the three Aces only, because in the long run you’re better off by about 13 coins.

But what if you’ve already lost half of your starting money, do you forego collecting a sure 50-coin win and go for the 800-coin four Aces payoff? My suggestion: If you’re a short-term recreational player, hold the Full House, if you’re playing for long-term results, then go for the four Aces.

Always break up a dealt flush or straight if you’re only one or two cards away from a Royal. But don’t break up a dealt Straight Flush, even if it consists of 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King.