Jacks or Better Test

How would you play these Challenging Jacks or Better hands?

Take our Jacks or Better Test and pretend that you were dealt these five-card hands. Which cards would you hold? Compare your decision against the correct hold/discard strategy under each hand

Hold 5S, AS, 4S

Hold 10C and JC

Discard the Ace

Hold KH and 10H

Hold QC and AC only

Hold JH, KH and QH

Hold 4D, 2D and 5D

Hold QC and 10C

Hold JC and JS

Hold 10S, 7S and 8S

Hold AH and QC

Hold 10S, AS, 6S and QS

Hold 10D, 8D, QD and JD

Hold AH and KH

Hold 4D, 6D and 5D

We hope you learned some skill with our Jacks or Better Test.