Video Poker Game Types

Variations of Online Video Poker Games

Sometimes it seems like you can’t turn around without new variations of video poker games turning up, because these days there are so many video poker game types. Video poker is played solo – just you against the computer. Because of this type of solitary gameplay, online casinos try to liven it up by creating different variations on the game.

Video poker is one of the most quickly evolving of all online casino games. It is not unusual for players to play several different types of video poker. Indeed, it is not uncommon for players to have different windows open at the very same time with different games. This can be hard to organize but it can work to a player’s advantage. A win from one hand can then be filtered into another type of game.

Deuces Wild

Is one of the most popular video poker games online. Everyone loves a wild card. In Deuces Wild the card is, unsurprisingly, the deuce. The drawback is that three of a kind is the minimum paying hand. A high pair does not pay anything. And it doesn’t make sense to hold on to high single cards. It is not unheard of for people to trade in an entire hand. To some this sounds like sacrilege, but in Deuces Wild it makes statistical sense. Those wild deuces open up the game.

Jokers Wild

Acts by the same principle, but there’s only one wild card so you can’t be as liberal with discarding your cards. Kings are high; pairs don’t pay, but are held in the hopes of turning them into full houses or four of a kinds. It is important to check payout numbers for each hand before you play any type of variation–it will significantly alter your strategy.

Jacks or Better

And Tens or Better are very similar video poker games. Each gives out even money for a pair of jacks or tens, respectively. This increases the odds of getting winning hands more often, but there are no really big payouts for higher hands, unless you hit a straight flush or a royal flush. Again, this is going to affect which cards you keep and give away.

All American

Is similar to Jacks or Better in that a pair of jacks is the lowest winning hand possible. However, the payout for a flush is better than with Jacks or Better, even if it uses a similar type of card configuration. This should tell you that poker variations are just as much about the amount of payout for each hand as it is about the type of deck or number of wild cards.

Some players like to go for a straight flush; others are content with a less glamorous hand. If you’re conservative, you could potentially make more over several hands, but less each game. If you play liberally, you could potentially win more in one big burst. To each his or her own, and each variation is going to take different skill and strategy.

These are the most popular variations of video poker games you’ll find online. Some online casinos have every variation, while some others are known for a particular kind of play. The main thing to remember is that each type of game requires a different strategy. While it’s true that everyone wants to get a Royal Flush, sometimes it’s better to play the percentages. Each game is going to need a different set of goals, so don’t apply what you know about one game to play another.

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