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Master Online Video Poker and you’ll be a winner for life

Online Video Poker is a beatable casino game on the Internet. But first you have to make an effort to learn how to play with optimal precision. Begin by concentrating on only one type of game. You will do much better if you stick to a game you have learned to play expertly. Playing rules for various games are not the same. For example there is a huge difference in the strategies for Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, two of the most popular video poker online games.

Analyze your game

Even if you’re a veteran player at Online Video Poker, some hands dealt might stump you. Say you’re at a jacks-or-better game and are dealt: JH QH 4S 5S 6S. How would you play this hand?

Keeping the three spades could result in a straight flush, a flush, a straight, three-of-a-kind or two pair. Or you could go for the royal flush by holding the suited J Q? I analyzed this hand with the help of the BVS Video Poker Software Program. It shows that holding the three sequential low cards is marginally better, but it wouldn’t be a serious mistake if you kept J Q.

Here’s another tough one. This time the dealt cards are: 9C 10C JC QC KC. Do you keep the straight flush or discard the 9 and go for the royal? The BVS Video Poker analyzer says stick with the straight flush if you’re on a jacks-or better machine, but go for the royal if you’re playing deuces wild. The reason? Jacks or better pays 250 coins for a straight flush whereas deuces wild pays only 45 coins for the same hand.

BVS Video Poker Software does not only analyze video poker strategies, the program comes pre-loaded with 38 variations of video poker games, including double bonus, joker wild, and deuces wild. It can simulate just about any video poker game you could find at online casinos, even triple-play. With BVS Video Poker Software you have the greatest variety of poker games right on your computer. You can practice video poker strategies without risking any money. You play free video poker games, without being connected to a casino.

Beat Online Video Poker

Video poker online machines go through hot and cold cycles, just like their live casino counterparts. Don’t waste your money on a cold machine. If, after 10 to 12 hands you haven’t hit payouts that come even close to the total you’ve put into the machine, I suggest moving on. Change coin denomination or switch to a different game.

Supposing you started out with 100 credits. If you’ve hit a machine that’s in a paying mood continue playing as long as the credits keep building. Watch the meter. Once the count starts to grind down and hits 50 coins below your highest total, cash out.

You’re a true video poker online winner only if you finish with more money than you started with. Have fun and good luck!

BVS Video Poker Software allows you to perfect your video poker skills without risking any money. Play video poker with this program and you will become an expert automatically. Make more accurate decisions and win more money, it’s that simple. Order VBS Video Poker Software and download here now.

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